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Service Possibilities
  • Regular Home Maintenance (check out the list page)
  • Office Maintenance
  • Project Completion
  • Organization/Re-design (any room, including garage & storage spaces)
  • Party Preparation/Clean-up
  • Moving (packing, and unpacking)
  • Purging
  • Pre-deep cleaner pick-up
  • Errands
  • Pet care
  • Social event planning
  • Meal planning and prep.
  • Paperwork assistance
  • and more!
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Amy Kuhn - owner

Amy's idea was to make the concept of a "personal assistant" accessible to anyone, for projects big and small, ongoing or temporary.

Everyone could use a little help sometimes.  Often times all a project needs is a buddy to keep you accountable and share the workload. Brilliant Living can be your buddy.

Brilliant Living can also work independently and get projects done while you are away.  Come home to an orderly house, the laundry done, clean sheets on the bed, the garbage out and the fridge stocked.  Even a larger project can be tackled while you are away: a storage area, kitchen cupboards, a kids room.  There's no limit to what Brilliant Living can do.

Photographs and Artwork
Archiving your family treasures
Brilliant Living recommends Annabelle Larner, of Larner Archiving and Preservation, for the lifelong care of your photographs, artwork, heirlooms, and treasures. She can organize, catalog, and digitize your collection as well as work with you to create a rich narrative of your family history for you to share.
[email protected]

Gift Certificates Available
Help friends and family help themselves.

Licensed, Insured and bonded.
Base Rate $40/hr

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